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Why you want Chocolate Strawberries Delivered Overnight

We often talk about using overnight service to protect the strawberries in transit. It is not just that they are fresher that way.

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Counterfeit Valentine’s

Valentine’s is about three weeks out and we’ve already started seeing counterfeit products for Valentine’s. We’ll detail some of what we’ve seen as well as some of the longtime scams in the industry.

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Fundraising with Strawberries and Roses

We work with three basic types , online, pre-packaged & re-packaged. Each method works best for different types of groups. Whatever way you select you need to do your research and ordering ahead of time. (ordering two days before Valentines is not going to work)

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Bad Bunnies..

I wrote this offline about a month ago and forgot about it… Easter is coming up and I thought that just for fun I’d review some of the mass produced bunnies available in the local stores. It’s a little bit early but the local drug store already has two rows devoted to Easter candy.

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