Who is trying to kill you?

We all thought we were safe from partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, it turns out.. not so much.

Earlier in the year (June) the FDA’s rule banning partially hydrogenated Vegetable oils went into place. It had been announced long before the date & responsible companies moved away from it.

The FDA was taking partially hydrogenated vegetable oils off the “GRAS” list. GRAS stands for “Generally Regarded as Safe”, if a substance is not on the list” it is banned. Banned means the government thinks it is bad for you, unsafe to eat.

In the chocolate industry one company was still using it in the month before the ban was first schedule to be implemented, later attempts to get an ingredients list proved fruitless.

Quietly the Feds extended the deadline. while the upcoming ban was widely known, someone managed to convince the Feds to allow them to continue to make items with partially hydrogenated Vegetable oils up till the deadline & allow others to use them as long as they were originally made before the deadline.

Don’t believe us? Here is the new schedule:


So how did that happen .. or why..?
As far as the why there are several possibilities, one is a long term purchase agreement, if a US company agreed to buy the now banned oils over a span of years at a fixed price they would have no way out of the contract. It could happen.

Another possibility is that it was a political favor.. someone donated to a campaign or inauguration event and somehow extensions were made to the deadlines. Like magic…

However it happened: someone had to ask for it. Who?

Who is still using it and why?

They knew the ingredient was no considered safe & were still using it a month before the original ban, (they really must not like moms).

Are they still using it?

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