All About Overnight Shipping

All about overnight shipping:
We ship our highly perishable products, like chocolate covered strawberries, with planned overnight service because the less time they are in transit (the back of a truck) the better.

Priority Overnight: (By Air)
For most of the country that means delivery before 10:30AM Monday through Friday
For Saturdays, when it is available, it’s generally before 2pm
It is the only service available to extreme rural areas and for them delivery is generally before 4:30PM

Standard Overnight: (by Air)
For most of the Country    
          To a Business: Generally before 3:30PM               
          To a Residence: Before end of day (can be very late at night)  

Overnight Ground: When this is shown as an option it means you are fairly close to us, the delivery costs are much lower because your gift does not have to fly to be delivered. The times are in line with Standard Overnight.  

For our less perishable products, when the temperatures are low enough that they will not melt the chocolate, we offer multi day service, but right now it is just too hot for that.  

What about “Express“?
Other companies use this term to hide that they are not using “Overnight”. Your strawberries can’t be fresh when they have been on a truck for a few days.

The methods we use can be limited by the weather.

How hot has it got?:

National weather map - high temps

Pic source

The colors are their color codes, we’d rather it was blue or purple nationwide.

Right now for much of the country the peak is 90 Degrees or above, a delivery that sits on someone porch for a few hours may not be the best idea.

Best solutions:

  1. Always let them know a perishable package is coming.
  2. Delivery to a Business address is sooner & keeps it out of the heat.
  3. Delivery trucks generally do not have air conditioning, if it is really hot out choose Priority Overnight.

When it gets like this we use much larger gel packs to help prevent ruined shipments & don’t charge a surcharge for it (others have), that being said, it is really hard to have a package sit on a porch for hours in 90 to 100 degree heat. This is food, not a set of sneakers, so if they get too warm things go wrong.

Why not use dry ice? We get asked that a lot. First off it is too cold, it would freeze the berries & they would turn to mush when they thawed. Secondly it is a hazardous material, displacing oxygen as it melts, too many packages doing that in a truck or plane can be fatal, the carriers charge much more for shipments that use it and limit how many packages can have it in a vehicle. Thirdly if you handle it wrong you can get instant frostbite, having someone not read the instructions and letting a child play with it (or eat it) is far too much of a risk. Sorry, dry ice is the worst possible solution. (but if you know what you are doing.. it is fun to play with)

What about the chip (solid state) based cooling?
It is just not ready for this type of use yet, while the chip may cool: batteries and fans are needed to run it, so either that all gets added to a landfill or it has to be returned to us. (What happens when it is not returned? Who gets the bill?). Maybe we’ll use this down the line but it’s not ready for this type of use right now.

Other carrier news:
The carriers are saying they are going to be doing Sunday deliveries starting January of next year, we are watching what they do. In some of the other initiatives they didn’t have complete coverage of the country, just the major cities and the surrounding areas. When we know we’ll let you know.  

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