Why you want Chocolate Strawberries Delivered Overnight

We often talk about using overnight service to protect the strawberries in transit. It is not just that they are fresher that way. A resource we found is the Twitter user @sharis_fails they are collecting problem reports from Twitter users that have received Shari’s Berries® shipments that did not go well, based on the pictures and reports some of these shipments are dangerous.

These are just a few of many problem reports, there were other that showed the mold, more with melted chocolate, crushed shipments and obviously old fruit. The mold is certainly disturbing, it clearly shows that the fruit was not dipped yesterday or even the day before, it simply is not fresh and may eventually hurt someone.

But why?

From what we know of the industry there are three types of problems here:

  1. The founder of the brand (who is no longer involved with the company) has said that they are being dipped days ahead of time, and their own tweets say they are pulled from inventory..
  2. Spending too long in transit. We’ve done test shipments and it looks like they are giving the packages first to long haul truckers who then drops them off  at a carrier hub within the two day delivery area.
  3. Since almost all of the failed shipments are the leafless (machine dipped) versions, if the berries are properly inspected & washed or treated with a bio-wash: mold should not really be a problem . The strawberries are completely dipped and the mold was under that dip so it was not contaminated after dip .

Of course mold is not the only problem with old fruit, even if there is no mold the fruit is going to go bad, get soft.. in other words not be fresh.

Long times in transit (not overnight) opens up the gift to other possible problems.

  1.  Gel packs fail and things melt
  2. 2+ days in the back of a truck is a lot of bumps the package has to take.
  3. The longer it’s on the road the higher the chance there will be delays.
  4. You saved a few dollars on shipping but now your package has a higher chance of failure and is nowhere near as fresh, (is it their fault or yours? (both)).

Currently the parent company is in bankruptcy and looking to sell off it’s parts. The time to fix the root causes of these problems has passed. They simply don’t have the time or money now to fix it.

Can their problems be fixed, yes, but not using the current methods. Cutting corners in food does not work with perishable products & the more corners you cut the further you get from gourmet.

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