Keeping berries freshest overnight

Yes, chocolate covered strawberries can be stored in a refrigerator for a day:

For the best results you must start with fresh chocolate covered strawberries, the berries from other companies that have spent multiple days in transit are not fresh.

Method one:
If space is not a problem, you can put the gift boxes in a new kitchen trash bag, squeeze out the air and tie it off.

Method Two:
This saves space. Using the smallest airtight container that they will fit in, place the berries in multiple layers, separated by wax paper.

Method Three:
For when you have a lot of berries, use clean pizza boxes and either bag them or double wrap the boxes in plastic wrap. Offer to pay for the boxes if you ask a pizza shop for them (it shows some class). Pizza boxes will let you get a very high amount of chocolate covered strawberries on one shelf.

For all methods: make sure your refrigerator is not set too cold. We do not want to freeze them as then they will bet mushy when they thaw.

At least a half hour to 45 minutes before they are going to be served take the package out of the refrigerator but do not open it yet (that causes condensation), let them warm up a bit, but keep them away from all the heat sources in the kitchen. Just before they are going to be served put them on the trays or plates and enjoy. Some strawberry juice is normal, chocolate contracts when it hardens an as a result the chocolate has been squeezing the berry.

Why the bags, airtight containers or plastic wrap? Most home refrigerators use the freezer to cool the refrigerated sections, that process sucks moisture out of the leaves, they can actually get very brittle overnight. If the leaves get limp or brittle they probably got too cold. There is a lot of moisture floating around in a home fridge and it can really hurt chocolates appearance. More moisture can get let in when the door opens, or when other food is put in. Isolating the berries prevents all the main problems with too much or too little moisture and also helps prevent the chocolate from picking up odors from other things in the fridge.

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