The White Chocolate Con: Part 2

In the last post we wrote about how “White Chocolate” is something real, and mis-use of the term is not something to mess with.   If you have not read the previous post you can do so here

Basically I found that a worldwide fast food restaurant was incorrectly using the regulated term “white chocolate”, I then did the responsible thing and contacted them so they could correct it, I included all the details needed to show it was not named or labeled correctly. Someone had to be really lazy not to understand what was sent. Guess what?, I must have gotten someone whose first language was not English, or just didn’t care because the preformatted reply from them was about unhappiness with an advertisement and that a copy of my comments were being sent to their third party advertising firm.

Not what you would expect from a company trying to prove their products are real.

And who are they?

Screen shot (with added notes)  from their home page:

Web page with incorrect product naming

White Chocolate all over the web page, but not a drop in your drink

Proof that it’s not “White Chocolate” and does not have the ingredients to be called “White Chocolate Flavored”.  Combined screen shot of the product and ingredient list. (stitched together from screen shots with added notes):

McBlunder, no white chocolate here

No Cocoa butter? Then it’s not white chocolate according to the FDA.

As you can see there is no cocoa butter, the one thing needed to call something “White Chocolate” or “White Chocolate Flavored”. #McNot-White-Chocolate. With Sugar & Condensed Nonfat Milk, it looks more like part of a recipe for fudge. Maybe McFudge will be the new name?, or McWhite Stuff?, McWhiteFudge?, or McFudgie?… which ever way they go:  it’s not White Chocolate.

What is probably going to happen next:

Lots of things are possible and it’s all speculation:  Hopefully an internet storm as it will increase the public awareness of white chocolate and mis-labeling in general, maybe the FDA gets involved (and finally goes after the fake chocolate strawberry companies as well), the sharks (lawyers) line up for class action lawsuits, the sign companies reprint all the menu boards, their website gets updated to scrub away the proof, they throw some glitter as a distraction, and spank some people who totally blew it.  Or maybe it was a plan to get more press?

I gave them a chance to respond properly, something Burger King® or any competitor never would have done. Now it’s time for the public to have its say.

Even sadder is that the largest company in the dipped strawberry business has been advertising chocolate covered strawberries for over a decade, they have even listed Milk, Dark and White Chocolate in their ingredients labels.. but if you look at the actual ingredients they don’t match those names.  The FDA has been told but they still use the incorrect terms in the hidden meta data, customer comments, and even as paid search terms. But we have covered all of that mess elsewhere. Basically: going  cheap gets you fake chocolate strawberries and worse.

McDonalds, McCafé, and the related images and ingredients list are the intellectual property,  copyrights or trademarks of the McDonald’s Corporation. The screen shots used here are fair use, derivative, transformative images used to document and provide definitive proof of the incorrect use of the regulated term “White Chocolate”.

1/2020 UPDATE: It looks like they dropped the product (problem solved).
It looks like they dropped the product a while back, which is a good thing for them as many companies have been getting sued for falsely claiming “white chocolate” or even just “white” when there was no white chocolate.

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