Spruce up your own berries

In other sections of our blog we told you how to temper chocolate and when to temper chocolate. For the next few months we’ll be posting some ideas and methods to make some special berries at home.

One of the methods that has gone over very well in our taste tests is the “graham cracker base”, using pre-made graham cracker crumbs you can make you berries extra special.

There are two basic ways to add graham cracker bases to your berries:

  1. Rolling the dipped berries in a pile of crumbs, when doing these at home I just pour a pile of them on a small plate, then touch the bottom of the berry to the pile with a slight roll left and right before putting it on the waxed paper.
  2. If you are doing a lot of berries this second method takes a little more setup (not much) but is faster when you are doing more berries. Simply put a level layer of about 3/8 of an inch of graham crackers on top of the waxed paper. If you are doing a lot of berries you can re-use and re-level the graham crackers for the next batch (after the berries have set up).
    1. Remember that leaving a full tray of of graham cracker crumbs in the fridge for too long will result in them starting to absorb moisture. after the berries have set up remove them from the tray.

You can bag up the extra/ unused graham cracker crumbs in a sealed bag for use at a later date. Remember the enemy of the graham cracker crumbs freshness is air and moisture.. so seal the bag well.

This same method can be used on other chocolate covered fruit as well: bananas, raspberries, pineapple or  just about anything you dip.. and if you only have a little bit of chocolate left at the end of your run you can always drizzle it on some crumbs for a neat snack (my favorite bit).



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