The $38 Million dollar story ignored by the press

Previously we documented some of the many misdeeds done by the Provide Commerce® family of companies: ProFlowers®, Shari’s Berries®, Red Envelope®, Cherry Moon Farms® and others. They have pulled many dirty tricks, from using fake chocolate to running ads saying competitors were sold out.. and of course the most egregious is the “Easy Saver Scam”.

The Easy Saver Scam was said to have lured customers into clicking on a “Free Shipping” button which eventually lead to them being signed up for a continuing $15 a month charge on their credit cards.

The scams impact was very widespread, and internet search for the phrase “easy saver scam” returns well over a million hits. While this was going on and long after it was publicly known many TV and Radio hosts continued to run paid ads knowing about the scandal.

Maybe that is why, two months after a proposed settlement has been made, none of those TV stations or Radio hosts have said a thing. Nothing, zero, zilch, nada..even the news of the proposed settlement is only showing up on legal (lawyers) web sites. It’s not like it’s a minor settlement..

It is $38 Million dollars

While the details of the settlement, other than the total dollar amount, have not appeared on those few web sites, you would think that the press, radio and TV would have jumped on a $38 million dollar settlement, found out the details and you would have heard of it..

The sound of the crickets chirping is pretty overwhelming

A national company, betrays it’s customers trust, offers a settlement of $38 million dollars in a class action lawsuit and there is not one peep from the press.

Why? Political connections? on both sides?, the Newspaper, TV and Radio types wanting to take a backseat because they knew about the scam and continued to run ads? We’ll probably never know why the information has been kept quiet. Yes there are significant political ties, and yes those stations and newspapers do make a lot of money from advertising the various branches of the company behind the scam. But as for the real reason: we will never know, think the worst, there is a possibility that it’s true.

Let’s be clear here, the press is not covering up for some Saints, these people, and it really is the same group of people behind all the different company names, have peddled fake chocolate as healthy, run fraudulent ads saying competitors were sold out for Valentine’s, and even the “Easy Saver Scam” was not the only instance of customers being signed up for monthly billing without their consent.

Criminal prosecution? So far nothing yet, while all the details of the scam are well known the parts that are not are the people that ordered the programming changes to put it in place. Programmers don’t make this stuff up on their own, and they ask a ton of questions, this was programmed to spec, someone in management created and approved those specs. Documents and emails existed and those documents point to who ordered and approved it. Those persons are the ones that instigated the easy saver scam, and if you want to find them: ask the programmers.

Is your state short of money? Lower tax revenues? Why haven’t they prosecuted or investigated a scam of this size? It’s a Rico class crime (triple damages) so a lot of money is at stake. If you were affected and you reported it: ever wondered why your state attorney general has not filed charges? Maybe they don’t want to tangle with a mega corporation (that used to own DirecTV®) in an election year?

But you have to think about it: how far up the food chain did the knowledge go? Obviously farther than the publicly facing companies, find the programmers, they know, then roll everyone till you get to the top of it, with each level you open up more of the mega conglomerate to the Rico penalties and at some point you might even hit the mother-lode: all the cash from selling of DirecTV®, the income from QVC® and Atlanta Braves® and all the other companies they own…


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