Fundraising with Strawberries and Roses

We work with three basic types , online, pre-packaged & re-packaged. Each method works best for different types of groups. Whatever way you select you need to do your research and ordering ahead of time. (ordering two days before Valentines is not going to work)


Do you have your own web site or newsletter with lots of viewers?
We have a special way for you to get credit and automatic payments for sales that originated from your newsletter or web site.

If you want to sell strawberries with your logo (possibly higher profit) there are startup costs:  when this type of setup is done we create special landing pages on it with your special decorated version of the product.


roses for fundraising

 An example of pre-packaged fundraising would be our wholesale roses in sleeves they come ready to sell, all you’ll need are some buckets to allow you to put them in water.

These can be pre-sold or you can set up a table at a local event, they are designed for fundraising, with minimal effort on your part.


This takes the most coordination at your end but can lead to the highest profits.

Re-packaged Flowers:

Wholesale Roses

First you get some wholesale flowers  You can even order different colors to mix them up and make different versions..  (for valentines: red/white, red/pink, white/pink..), on the wholesale flowers page there are options for 100,200 and 400 roses..

add some ferns
and babys breath

put them in sleeves
or a wrap
with a box

If you have a reliable workforce this can be a great way to make up semi-custom roses bouquets. (5 red roses and one white,  or 5 white and one red..), if your workforce is not reliable this is not the way to go.



Basically you order wholesale quantities and then repackage them in much smaller boxes or bags.

Wholesale Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Delivered Nationwide

Wholesale Chocolate Dipped Strawberries


Wholesale Strawberries:

Box option:
Gift boxes to fit three berries (This is just one of many types of boxes that will work)
Red film to make the inside look prettier:

(you can also use shred (red/pink Easter grass )

or besides boxes you can put them in
Fancy plastic gift bags:
You can fold over the top of the plastic bag and tape it shut or tie it with a ribbon. The size of the bag would be dependent on how many berries you want to put in it.

Repackaging takes a lot more effort on your part but it also has higher rewards as you can get a larger box and add inexpensive items such as fun sized candy bars , small bags of jelly beans, or those little candy hearts that are popular at Valentines. (we have wholesale sources for all sorts of bulk candy that we can recommend after you place your order.. ) Along with the higher reward there is higher risk, is your workforce dependable?, will they be free in the short window between when the berries arrive and when you sell them? (a period that should be just a few hours at most). Much of your prep work can (and should) be done well ahead of time: assembling the boxes, prepping the shred/fill, adding in the non-perishable side items,  but the final step of taking the berries out of the larger boxes and putting them in the smaller ones has to be done in a very short timeframe.

Several of the links on this page go to companies that we have used in the past , you can always find your own sources but we feel they are a good starting point. If you wish to find your own sources just do a Google search on “floral sleeves” or “floral box”, either way all supplies (not the berries or flowers) should be ordered so that they arrive well ahead of time: that gives you time to make sure everything is OK and pre-assemble them if needed.

For Valentine’s we suggest you pre-order any wholesale priced flowers or strawberries before mid-January as this allows us to get the orders to our suppliers before they do the Valentine’s price increases (roses can jump up by 30% but if they already have the roses in their order system the current pricing is honored), even our wholesale strawberries will jump in price right before Valentine’s as we focus on the retail side rather than wholesale. When you pre-order the strawberries & flowers make sure you select the correct delivery date as these are very perishable, flowers can have a delivery date a few days ahead of the event if stored properly, but strawberries should be delivered the day of the event and kept refrigerated as long as possible.

Once you have committed to your  fundraising purchase we’d be glad to help you selecting secondary packaging such as “will this box work with 3 berries”, or “is this type of shred safe for food contact..”  just use the help desk on our main site..

Update: rather than have our help desk get swamped with questions about side items that we don’t sell: you can buy bulk candy to fill out a Valentine’s day box here and ,  (a nice mix is most of the selections are bulk packaged so you’ll need to bag them up with little plastic bags from a companies like PaperMart or ULine. (just make sure the bag is approved for food use)

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