Smart Christmas Shipping

What’s is the smartest thing to do?
It’s pretty simple: Address the package correctly.

Here is an example of a right and wrong address.


Grandma Mary
134 Peachtree
Coral Gables, TX 60609


Mary Smith
Shady Rest Home
1234 SE Peachtree Rd
Room 512
Coral Gables, FL 33146

How each wrong entry affects the delivery.

    1) Since Grandma Mary lives in a retirement community there are probably more than one “Mary” there.
    2) Missing company/school/retirement home names effect the shipments in two differnt ways

    a. The drivers may know the business or school so if you transpose a number in the address it could still get to the right location.

    b. When you leave off the business name you put the package on the residential delivery schedule, which may mean the driver will attempt to deliver the package after the business closed

    3) The street number is very important, a wrong number can put a package miles from the correct destination and the unintended recipient will really enjoy your gift.

    a. We have had actual shipments where the address we were given was about 3 miles offshore in Miami. (we caught it so the address got changed before it left the building)

    b. We’ve had a shipment where the son sent the package to “12 Thunder Way”, but the mother lived at “21 Thunder Way”, the people at “12 Thunder Way” ate the shipment.

    4) The street name needs to have the correct street, avenue, road, lane, or court designation. In a lot of cities there are multiple roads with the same name with only the St., Ave. Rd… to separate them. It lets the drivers know which of many roads with the same name to deliver the package to.

    a. In Atlanta there are several roads named Roswell, and dozens named Peachtree, this same problem happens all over the country.

    5) Missing Apartment, Suite, room numbers

    a. A missing apartment number can ruin a shipment if there is no directory or apartment manager to accept the package, and many apartment managers no longer accept packages for residents.

    b. We’ve had customers send packages to 100 story buildings without a company name and no suite number, it didn’t go well.

    6) The City, State and Zip code need to match, Coral Gables is not in Texas and “60609” is for Chicago.

    a. Most of the time UPS and FedEx will not let a package ship when the zip code is not in the correct state, but if the zip code is in the wrong section of a state it may take several days to correct the problem.

    b. We’ve had customers put in their (up-state New York) zip code when the package was going to New York City, the packages are sent to the sorting facilities based on the zip code given, so once a misaddressed package is found the planes are gone and delivery is pushed to the next day.

    7) When all else fails UPS & FedEx will call the phone number you give us for the delivery address, a fake phone number guarantees that the driver will not be able to fix any address problems while on his route. It should be the actual phone number of the person or business the package is being shipped to.

Addressing a letter or package correctly is something we all learned in grade school, and while a misaddress Christmas card will eventually get there a perishable package (like chocolate covered strawberries) can be ruined as the result of the delay. The delivery address is always your responsibility and taking the extra time to double check it is always a best practice. (plus then you are not telling others that it was our fault that the package was not delivered)

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