So what the heck is Sweetest Day?

Many people have never heard of it, but it has been around for about 90 years.. So what the heck is Sweetest day?
First off, it’s mostly regional:
Detroit, Cleveland and Buffalo are the biggest cities according to the group that follows such things (Retail Confectioners International), but as people move around it follows them. My youngest brother was blindsided by it by his Chicago born girlfriend (now wife), his not knowing about it was as big of an event as missing Valentine’s Day or a birthday. He had never heard about it, but ignorance of a candy Holiday is no excuse in the court of a wrathful girlfriend.

How did it start:
In 1921 a group of confectionary companies in Cleveland Ohio gave out over 20,000 boxes to the elderly, poor, orphans and newsboys (the kids that used to sell newspapers on street corners). They also arranged for the delivery of confections to some of the biggest start of the day. In 1940 another 10,000 boxes were given to charities, and various religious group leaders.

Unlike Valentine’s Day, it’s not just about your special someone; it’s not affiliated with any religious beliefs or dependant on family or personal relationship.

But… if your girlfriend comes from an area that comes from an area that celebrates it (or picked it up somewhere along the way) you might want to ask her about it.. just to be safe…

Sooo. What do we do for Sweetest Day, unlike the bog box stores that change what they sell dependant on the season, we sell Chocolate Covered Strawberries all year round. Just like we make chocolate covered strawberries for Birthdays, Romance and Halloween (and just about every other holiday and event) we also make our custom creations for Sweetest Day.

Hints for saving on Sweetest day:
Giving to two or more local people or two or more people at the same address? Combining shipments, (even with friends) saves about $10 per box on the chocolate covered strawberries just on the shipping alone, when combine that with our pre-discounted assortments of 2, 4 or 8 dozen strawberries the savings can be huge. Just make sure to get your orders in early (delivery dates are selected during checkout).

Even if you are sending gifts to more than one address: a discount coupon code is shown on the final page of checkout that is good for orders that you place on the same day.

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