All about shipping flowers.

Sophisticated customers know that we don’t just throw a bunch of flowers in a box, but you might not know what lengths we go to in order to protect the flowers in transit.

Some flowers are very fragile but not all are fragile in the same way. The shape of the flower also comes into play, as a large flat flower, such as a sunflower or a daisy, would need different protection than an aster or pom.

The picture below is an actual shipment in the mist of being unpacked.  No professional photographer was involved. You can see some of the special protection for individual stems below. The yellow flower heads are individually wrapped  which keeps the peddles from catching on the other flowers during the vibrations that come with nationwide transport. The protection on the purple aster is a flexible net that closes the flower just a little bit and also protects the delicate pedals.

Picture of a floral shipment

Picture of a floral shipment showing extra protection

Some sturdy flowers don’t need individual protection. For example our rose bouquets are shipped with the roses, ready to bloom, packed in two layers (one row of blooms above the other), so the blooms are held in place by each other having no space for them to get into trouble.

Protection of the individual flowers, when needed, are not the only steps taken. Below is an example of the pack-out for our wedding  package.

Wedding Package example of floral packaging

Wedding Package example of floral packaging

You’ll note that the bouquets are supported by cardboard inserts,  these prop up the heavy bouquet tops to prevent stem breakage. The bouquets are also tied down to these cardboard supports which prevents the bouquets from shifting or crushing the flower heads on the sides of the box. If you look closely at the bouquet on the right you can see where it’s tied down near the two visible holes. The corsages and boutonnières  are individually boxed to the left.  Currently we only offer this collection in white but we plan to offer it with other rose colors in the future.

You can tell from the pictures that the bouquets are going to be beautiful, but like with anything “nice” you have to take care of it correctly in order to keep it that way.  Each of our packages come with care instructions which include when and how often to cut the stems, change water and  to keep them in a cool place (and not to freeze…)

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