ProFlowers unauthorized charges: What are they thinking?

When talking to my floral supplier today he filled me in on the basics of a serious continuing problem with ProFlowers. this was way past shipping tiny dead flowers in a large red drinking cup.I did some further research and found ProFlowers is using it’s checkout process to enroll people in a third party service called “Easy Saver” which then bills people monthly for something they didn’t even know they signed up for.

 I’d known about the lawsuits filed by FTD and the 2 class action suits against ProFlowers for it’s “direct from the growers” claims, when in fact they were really filling the orders with local florists. It’s common knowledge: anytime a company claims same day or Sunday/Monday delivery they are using a local florist to fill orders.

 They have set things up so customers unknowingly sign up for a third party service called Easy Saver which bills the customer $14.95 a month.

 This news report from KDKA (Channel 2 Pittsburg)  explains it well:

 And another report from NBC4 in Columbus Ohio

 The above was created a year and a half ago, and I thought they had stopped the practice, but the following site shows they are still up to the same old tricks..

 While the majority of the complaints are about ProFlowers, (which is where the Secret Spoon Sweets and Cherry Moon Farms orders are also placed),  Shari’s Berries is also listed.  They are both part of  Provide Commerce which is part of the  Liberty Media group of companies (which also owns QVC, The Atlanta Braves….).

 My initial problem with these companies is that they advertise “chocolate covered strawberries” but don’t use chocolate, but with so many ProFlowers customers complaining about unknowingly signing up for a monthly subscription something has to be wrong.

 Please share this information with your friends, because no one should be paying for a subscription they didn’t know they signed up for.

The names ProFlowers, Shari’s Berries, Secret Spoon Sweets, Cherry Moon Farms, Provide Commerce, Liberty Media, QVC and the Atlanta Braves are trademarks of their respective companies.
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