Race to 2010 Fans (30% discount)

How to save (and help others save 30%) on Chocolate Covered Strawberries at http://www.ccberries.com/?af=fb

It’s August 31th and the current Facebook fan count is 171.
CCBerries Chocolate Covered Strawberries on Facebook
Invite your friends to join our Facebook fan page and on the day the fan count crosses 2010 we will post a link for a  30% off coupon. Please note that we are tracking only the CCBerries fan page not the CCBerries Facebook application page.

Limitations: coupon link will be posted for 48 hours, discount is for a single shipment with one dozen or less strawberries, can not be combined with other offers. Discount code must be added at the first step of checkout and can not be added at a later date. Can not be combined. Not valid for phone or fax orders. Limit one per customer.

While the discount code link will only be valid for 48 hours the delivery can be scheduled for any time between when the link is posted and the end of the year (12/31/2009). As normal we can only accept order and ship to addresses inside the USA (fresh fruit would be stopped by customs inspectors). Mixed gift boxes are included but pre-discounted gift sets of 2 or more dozen strawberries are not. This promotion expires 10/31/2009, if we have not reached 2010 fans by that date the offer is void.

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