Prepping for a major new product.

Creating a new product takes a lot more than just coming up with the idea.

In the case of our new cheesecake stuffed chocolate covered strawberries there are two sets of handcrafted tools,  crafting and testing of the fillings, taste testing events, reformulations of the fillings for more testing and so one. After the tools and procedures have been finalized then the prototypes are replaced with new stainless steal ones (again all hand crafted). While this was going on we were also doing limited taste tests on other flavors (to be offered seasonally).

 We just finished crafting three of the six of the brand new stainless steel tools, the others will be completed over the weekend.  With everything involved with loading the new products into the website, creating the required product labels, and training the staff, we are looking for a launch date in the next two weeks.

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