Wrap party followup

Well now that the wrap party is over (and we’ve verified the name of the reality show from two separate external sources), we can say it was :There goes the Neighborhood”.

The party itself was at Kayson’s Grill in Kennesaw Georgia. The staff were friendly (Hi: Amanda, Kasi & Garret). It was so packed that pictures were impossible, plus with it being a reality show the attendees were the working crew and not a celebrity cast. So while the grip named “Jeff” and the sound engineer named “Blue” (for her blue hair, her real name was Jenny) were fun to talk to: taking pictures really didn’t make sense. Everybody we talked to really loved the cheesecake filled chocolate covered strawberries and Jill even got to play the ‘berry girl’ and passed around the final tray.

Pity the poor PA who had to take someone down to the airport at 3:30 AM, he got stuck at the front door handing out the wrist wraps to the crew for most of the night.

The crowd was having a really good time, the bar as awash with Patrón shots and Jager bombs, and when they eventually ran out of Heineken they switched over to Heineken Light without a thought. Fortunately a lot of the crew was staying at a very local hotel & the only thing at risk was a row of shrubbery.

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