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Patriotic Chocolate Covered Strawberries

One of the things I never thought about when I was coming up with the patterns/designs for this box is how else it would be used. Besides the obvious holidays, we actually get a lot of orders for returning service members. Yes I wrote member, not men, not women. We’ve had both men and women […]

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Reality show wrap party?

 We’ve been asked to help with a reality show wrap party, not quite sure if we’re going to do it. The name of the show has not been released to the public yet.  It’s produced by some people you may have heard of. I had a couple of acquaintances that have been on ‘reality’ type […]

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The start of the CCBerries blog!

Welcome to the CCBerries blog, we’re still setting things up… but it should be fun. As time permits we’ll be adding information on all sorts of things: everything from new products to how to do some of your own chocolate work (even tempering). We’ll also be passing on some of our own recipes just for fun.

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